if my thoughts are lost up in the air
would the wind bring it to you?
over hills over to where you are
would you promise to be true?

and the leaves of the trees
they will whisper in the breeze
to hear the raindrops fall
and the flowers and weeds
they will bring me to my knees
and pray that i will not recall

and the sun, wont you come?
wont you come to me?
as i walk through the valley of this fantasy
and you'll find, that our mind, is a one big shrine
ask the world of its wonderousness and mysteries
and the rain, wont you come?
wont you comfort me?
when im down, wont you
break these chains and set me free?

life is like a rainy day
love is easy game to play
life is such a funny way
while we fade away ...

in our dreams, we're not what we seem
while we sleep, all our lifes go dim
spinning all around, blending and
morphing to the ground
crying all alone, anti-social and withdrawn
in our dreams, we are what we seek
young and free, drifting endlessly
reaching for the stars, we lose
ourselves and who we are
twinkling in the sky, as seconds minutes pass us by
when we finally die,
we find our life is just a dream.

inner personality - hidden within fantasies
of hideaway

locked away inside
the streams of conscious energy
on the neurosis ride
of thoughts and wants and fantasies
twisted up inside
our intertwined life circuitry


hey you, random thoughts of you
together we will love the pain inside you
split in two, fantasizing you
you're the silent night that fades away

drops of rain
spilling onto the sky of your strain
drops of rain
washing away our pain, it slithers away

rainbows slide into the light
stretch my wings and learn to fly
tryin to find the way back home to you
suicide brings delight
coincide and disunite
awaken the sky with colour grey azure

knot the rope, silently, painlessly
in my darkness it creeps
let your glow be the warmth over me
was enslaved now i'm free

fear you - feel you
i cry, i'm high

ugly noises in my head i sleep away
dreaming of the pain today
let this night alter my vision
through death set me free

take me far away
hold me, don't give way
fear you - feel you
i cry, now i'm high

all the talking to herself
and all the humming
are just the beginnings of her madness.
happiness in slavery,
happiness insanity.

i watch her as she sleeps
i watch her as she eats
loving the routines
of happiness insanity.

When she gets frightened,
she knows it's time to hide.
but there's nothing left to give

i watch her nakedness
i watch her as she sleeps.
happiness in slavery,
happiness insanity.

if your day becomes a constant fight
why bother to make it right?
you know you've failed and tried

tie a noose over your pretty neck
take these pills they'll calm you down
a drink will wash them down

is what you don't need
as we drift off to sleep

pick a bridge, you'll feel the fear and jump
turn the gas on, let it run
or pull the trigger

dry your tears, you'll find that there
are exits you can find
along the way, in every way

a disquiet life is what you don't need
empty promises you can't keep
when there is noone there left for you
you know there's only one thing left to do

call in sick, there's noone home
lock the door, unplug the phone
drop the drapes and write a note
watch your story life unfold
check your mails, pay off your bills
you're going to learn the suicide skills,
freedom's really all you have
dont let them take away what's left

choose your method, choose your fight
make a choice cause its your right
should you live or should you die
you dont know it till you try
loneliness can be a drag
failure in life is a fact
tie up every loose end
tell noone of your final plans


I am trapped inside
these four walls that i magnify
this personality I've built around me
will wrap me till the day i die
and everyone is standing around
holding chips of broken days
and while the stones tear into their skin
they're fearing life in a dreamy haze

I am the one locked outside
while the curious are all peering in
our true selves that we hide
as we blend into a practical being
I am morphing into you
our mental iceberg split in two
what is there left to give?
if you take it all with you?

interconnection of you and me
living the perfect dream
exploring the neurosis ride
of human emotions intertwined
blending and morphing into
a pretty-colored butterfly
spiralling down, exploring around
flowing in and out of you

fascination fall
fascination fall
let the world fall away